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An investigation of the development of sport expertise

Pathways to the Podium Research Project

The Pathways to the Podium Research Project is a multi-sport, multi-national investigation of sport expertise development conducted by a team of sport scientists from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, York University, Toronto, Canada, and the Australian Institute of Sport. This project aimed to gain a detailed understanding of the pathways that elite athletes follow on their way towards attaining peak performance. Most importantly, we were interested in how the pathways of elite athletes differed from those of lesser skilled athletes. The information obtained from this research will be used to provide recommendations relating to the conditions of sport participation and practice that are optimal for the development of sport expertise.

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P2P News Issue 9: May / June is now available here.

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Data collection for the Pathways to the Podium Research Project has now closed and we are no longer recruiting participants.

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Following in their footsteps? Sport expertise and parental participation in sport and physical activity

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