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An investigation of the development of sport expertise

P2P News is the official newsletter of the Pathways to the Podium Research Project.

Issues of P2P News are released on a bi-monthly basis, and cover a range of topics relating to the progress of the research, along with other items of interest to participating athletes, coaches, and sporting organisations.

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Current Issue:

Issue 9: May / June 2012

The Expert Advantage: Faster, higher, stronger,… and younger?

International Ice Hockey Federations Coaches Conferences

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Previous Issues:

Issue 8: March / April 2012

At long last…. Results!

The Expert Advantage: Recommended Reads and A look back at Linsanity

Issue 7: January / February 2012

The Expert Advantage: Literature Review: The Path to Excellence

2012 Ontario Coaches Conference

Research Team Profile: Young-Bin Cho

Issue 6: November / December 2011

The Expert Advantage: Sporting milestones and career progression of male Australian junior international level team sport athletes

Research Team Profile: York University Research Assistants

Issue 5: September / October 2011

Pathways to the Podium Website Update

The Expert Advantage: Elite performance via talent transfer

Research Team Profile: Dr. Damian Farrow

Issue 4: July / August 2011

The Expert Advantage: Elite performance via diversification

Pathways to the Podium In the News

Research Team Profile: Dr. Clare McMahon

Issue 3: May / June 2011

The Expert Advantage: Elite performance via early specialisation

Pathways to the Podium Timeline

Research Team Profile: Dr. Joe Baker

Issue 2: March / April 2011

Athlete Recruitment Update

The Expert Advantage: Pathways to elite performance

Research Team Profile: Melissa Hopwood

Issue 1: January / February 2011

P2P Online

The Expert Advantage: Is 10,000 hours a magic number for sport expertise?