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Credit Verification Requests from External Parties

This page is intended to provide guidance and general information to current and prospective vendors with respect to credit verification requests made to York University.

Frequently Asked Questions
(Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions in PDF Format)



York University is a public corporation formed in the Province of Ontario by the York University Act, 1959, Amended 1965.
The Act and the Bylaws for the Board of Governors of York University are available on York's website.
The University financial statements are publically disclosed and available on York’s website
York University is a Canadian issuer of debentures and is assessed and rated annually by two credit rating services: Standard & Poor's and Dominion Bond Rating Services (DBRS).  These ratings are available publicly.

Links to Standard & Poor’s
To register to review bond ratings.
To reference credit ratings in detail or summary, and purchase reports over the web
  Links to DBRS
To register to review credit ratings
Detailed credit analysis is also provided by Dun & Bradstreet. York’s DUNS # is 208217786
The University's business number with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is 119306736
York University is a registered charitable organization in Canada