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Procurement Services - InTernal Community

York University aspires to high ethical, legal, environmental, managerial and professional standards in the management of the resources entrusted to it. Within this context, the University’s procurement function shall be performed in an open, fair and transparent manner where goods and services are procured in a competitive environment and where all transactions yield the optimal benefit to the University in the circumstances. [Reference: York University Policy: Procurement of Goods and Services, June 25, 2007.]

To ensure compliance, internal community members are required to be familiar with the University Policy on the Procurement of Goods and Services and to conduct procurement-related activities in accordance with Policy principles and the processes defined in its associated Procedure. Given the University's largely decentralized operating model, the oversight of the procurement function at York is mandated to Procurement Services while the transactions associated with the acquisition of goods and services are initiated by employees in Faculties and Departments.

Procure to Pay Cycle

This web page contains important information for faculty, researchers, staff and administrators involved in procurement activities. The Procure to Pay Cycle provides a high level overview of the various stages of asset life cycle management and each section in the wheel links directly to the relevant process information associated with the activity.