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How to Buy

York University's acquisition principles are reflected in its Procurement of Goods and Services Policy and Procedure. Procurement Services is responsible for the implementation of the Policy and Procedure and to develop the procurement framework that reflects federal and provincial legislation as well as financial, environmental and legal requirements that are introduced from time to time. This site is designed to provide internal community members with a roadmap to the acquisition process that is compliant with both internal and external policies and regulations.

The University will acquire goods and services competitively, and from qualified suppliers who demonstrate good financial standing, provide quality goods and services at the maximum benefit for funds expended. To capitalize on the best overall value while ensuring process efficiencies, Procurement Services establishes contracts or agreements with Vendors of Record (VOR) and the University requires internal community members to purchase goods or services from these VORs.

If the University has not established a contract or agreement with a VOR, click on the bar that matches the estimated overall value of the required good or service and follow the instructions. These dollar thresholds and associated purchasing processes are reflective of the nature of the purchase such as frequency, complexity and other considerations.