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How to Pay

Supplier/vendor invoices are paid by Accounts Payable (Finance Department) according to established payment terms. Typically, payment will be made NET 30 days from invoice receipt or satisfactory delivery of goods and services, whichever is greater, unless more favourable terms have been negotiated with the supplier/vendor by Procurement Services.

Payment for goods and services which are purchased directly from the supplier/vendor (i.e. non-Purchase Order) may be redirected to the unit making the purchase and use the University Purchasing Card to make the payment once goods or services have been received and inspected. For additional information, see PCard link below.

The University does not normally allow supplier/vendor advance payment or pre-payment. Where goods and services being acquired are unique, or being produced exclusively for York, the University Comptroller may authorize supplier/vendor pre-payment if one or more of the following conditions are met:

Internal community members must contact the Comptroller's office prior to committing the University to pre-payment arrangements with supplier/vendors.

Accounts Payable issues payments to supplier/vendors as follows:

Suppliers/vendors must ensure that all banking information is accurately provided on the Request for Wire/Draft for Foreign Countries form.

The four distinct payment types that Finance maintains are listed below. To understand the core responsibilities of Procurement Services, the Community, Accounts Payable and the Supplier/Vendor for each payment, click on each payment type in the link below.