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Purchasing Requisition

The Purchasing Requisition form is used to initiate the process of creating a Purchase Order (PO).  A Purchase Order is a formal contract between York University and the vendor with terms and conditions and confirmed order and payment process. A PO is the only formal commitment that York University will honour payment. The form automatically generates a Requisition Number to assist you in tracking your requisitions on eReports. 

The Purchase Order Status report, available through eReports, provides overnight updates of Purchase Order activity for a given cost centre. The report shows the status of all Purchase Orders issued during the current fiscal year, and any open Purchase Orders outstanding from previous fiscal years. The report also allows you to view the history of payments made against each PO.

Note: If changes need to be made to the original PO, a Purchasing Requisition Form must be filled out with the changes. The form must be checked to indicate that it is a change order and the original PO number must be included.