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September 2017
Electronic Tendering Site Change to Merx4 (PDF)

August 2017
Office Supplies Program (PDF)
Office Copy Paper Program (PDF)

May 2017
New Sm@rtBuy Vendors (PDF)

October 2016
Toner Cartridge Program (PDF)

June 2016
Print Services Vendors (PDF)

January 2016
Bulletin: Copier Program (PDF)

March 2015
Strike Contingency - Delivery of Sensitive Goods (PDF)
Strike Related Contingency Plan - Inbound Deliveries (PDF)

October 2013
New Guideline: Purchase of Low Cost Technology Equipment (PDF)

February 2013
Custom Clearance Broker Change (PDF)

October 2012
Sm@rtbuy for Researchers - Purchasing from your Desk (PDF)

July 2012
New Procedure to Improve Efficiency on Payment to Vendors
and Employee Expense Reimbursements

May 2011

Outbound Courier Calculator (PDF)

May 2011
University Office Supplies and Copy Paper Programs (PDF)

March 2011
Mandatory Training Session Schedule (PDF)

December 2010
Changes/Enhancements to the University PCard Program (PDF)

December 2010
Courier Services (PDF)

September 2010
Purolator Courier Services (PDF)

July 2010
University Photocopier Program (PDF)

July 2010
Framework for the Engagement of External Consultants (PDF)

February 2010
Procurement Framework for York University (PDF)

October 2009
Supplier Quote Solicitation Process (PDF)

August 2009
New Procurement Services Web Site (PDF)

August 2009
Credit Verification Requests from External Parties (PDF)

April 2009
Due Diligence Selection of Vendors and Payments (PDF)

January 2009
Custom Clearance Process and Broker Change (PDF)

January 2009
Revised Sole or Single Source Certification (PDF)
Form and Process (PDF)