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York University Procurement Services supports and/or participates in various activities sponsored by the following professional purchasing associations.

Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA)
MISSION:  The Supply Chain Management Association is dedicated to serving the needs of the strategic supply chain management practitioner and enterprises by advancing the strategic value of supply chain management through continuous learning, standards of practice, advocacy and promotion, research, partnerships and networking.

Ontario University Purchasing Management Association (OUPMA)
PURPOSE & OBJECTIVES:  The Association is established to promote closer co-operation and exchange of information and interaction among its membership; promote and conduct research and education to facilitate purchasing and materials management best practices, to enhance the professional standards of its members and to provide advice on purchasing, materials management and other related matters and to report upon matters referred to it by the Association's affiliate- Council of Senior Administrative Officers, Universities of Ontario and other groups or agencies associated with CSAO-UO, as appropriate.

Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO)
MISSION: To promote and support the professional management and effective leadership in the administrative affairs of Canadian universities and colleges, and in doing so to help achieve the goals of the institutions it serves.

Canadian Public Procurement Council (CPPC)
MISSION:  To support the public procurement community across Canada, by promoting dialogue, facilitating information exchange, developing approaches to common issues, and providing leadership for the resolution of shared problems.

Ontario Public Buyers Association (OPBA) – Chapter of National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
PURPOSE:  A not-for-profit professional association representing public procurement professionals throughout Ontario. The association promotes the ethical and effective expenditure of public funds and encourages excellence in public purchasing through their continuing professional development opportunities, the encouragement of certification programs and through networking among their members.