In the Preface of Peter Tryfos, Methods for Business Analysis and Forecasting: Text & Cases, Wiley, 1998, two additional chapters were said to be available at the publisher's site: 

Chapter 14: Factor analysis (280KB) Introduction. An example. First factor solutions. Factor rotation. On the number and interpretation of factors. To sum up. Problems. 

Chapter 15: Cluster analysis. (279KB) Introduction and summary. An example. Measures of distance for variables. Clustering methods. Distance measures for attributes. Grouping variables. To sum up. Problems. 

The chapters (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format), as well as the seven data files (in ASCI format) referred to in these chapters, may be downloaded by right-clicking on their labels. 

Two additional cases are also available:

Crofton Transit (with data set CroftonTransit.dat)

ACCS Inc., Part II (with data set accs2.dat)


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