Scientists are chosen from many disciplines and many of the academic institutions in southern Ontario; each becomes the host of a table of eight.  Partners are awarded a number of places, and their guests, and individual ticket purchasers, can choose the table of greatest interest to them.  After a reception of an hour or so, dinner commences.  Each scientist is asked to provide a brief overview of her subject and/or current work, after which guests are free to ask any questions or initiate any topics that they would like the host to discuss.

Following the dinner, the President of the RCI opens a general Question and Answer period, at which any of the participants is free to direct a question to any of the scientists present.

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Each year from 2007 the RCI has provided an occasion

for Canada’s brightest scientists to discuss their current work

with our partners and members at a Gala fundraising dinner.

Sponsors of the 2013 Gala


Eat, drink and talk science with twenty-five of Canada's science stars!

Thursday April 25, 2013 · 6:00 - 9:30 pm

MaRS Discovery District · 101 College Street · Toronto

Gala Tickets $250

Twenty-five of Canada's leading scientists are hosting tables on interesting and exciting topics.

Choose a subject and a scientist and spend the evening.


Nelles Van Loon, Ph.D. U of T, retired after a long career teaching English at Ryerson; David Bell, Ph.D. Harvard, retired after a long career in Environmental Studies at York; Lorne Tepperman, Ph.D. Harvard, still teaching Sociology at U of T; Patricia Duffy, lounge singer for twenty years or so [and mother of the lead singer for "Three Days Grace"].  Dave, Patti and Nelles have been working together since the early nineties.  Lorne joined about seven years ago.  Lorne and Nelles played in the band for the UC Follies in 1963 and Lorne and Dave did some gigs together the year after that.  All are members of the Hurricanes, an eighteen piece swing band that rehearses every Monday night.  Their repertoire is mostly standards - Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart, Harold Arlen, etc., along with the songs of the great Brazilian composer, Antonio Carlos Jobim.

With special thanks to:

              Daniel et Daniel                                                                                 Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery               


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