1995: Eve Savory

1994: Edward Struzik

Communicator of science through journalism and photography with a special focus on Canada’s North.

1993: Carol Gold

Teacher, author of popular books on astronomy, frequent contributor to magazines, newspapers and radio programmes.

1992:  Terence Dickinson

Author of childrens’ books and contributor to television programmes conveying the message that science is fun.

1991: Annabel Slaight

Author and publisher of childrens’ books and magazines, producer of films; co-founder of Young Naturalist Foundation.

1990:  Joan Hollobon and Marilyn Dunlop

Science writers and authors of books on medical subjects for lay readers.

National television environment specialist concerned with health care, scientific developments and space exploration.

1996: Derek York

Physicist, teacher, writer, contributor of articles on popular science to magazines and national newspapers; in 1995 was appointed the J. Tuzo Wilson Professor of Geophysics at U of T.

1989: Fred Bruemmer

Perceptive recorder in prose and pictures of native people and animals in the Canadian Arctic.