Selected Recent Conference Presentations

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"Globalizing Law and Society: Neoliberalism and Regulation"
Law & Society Association Annual Meetings, Minneapolis, May 30.

"Commodity as Standardized Form? Culture and Its Differences"
Law and Society Association, Boston, 1 June.

"Contested Diffusion: Lessons from Intellectual Property 'Universalism'" (with Joseph F. Turcotte)
International Studies Association, San Francisco 3-6 April.

"Working the Potato: Repatriating and Respatialising Nature's Bounty" (with Marc Griebel)
Culture and Humanities Association, Birkbek College, London, 22-23 March.

"Customising Indigeneity: Remediating Erasures in Emergent Cartographies" Executive Session, American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, 17 November.

"Between Neoliberalism and Diversity: Ethnographies of Emergence"
Law and Society Association Annual Meetings, Waikiki, 5-9 June.

"A Manifesto for Dynamic Fair Dealing: Political Impetus and Theoretical Groundings"
Law, Culture, and Humanities Conference, Texas Wesleyan School of Law, 16-17 March.

"Vital World...Life on the Line: Ethnographies of Emergence"
American Anthropological Association Meetings, Montreal, November.


"Alternative Paradigms for Intellectual Property and Cultural Heritage"
Society for Applied Anthropology, Merida, Mexico, 26 March.