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CHEM 2010: Symmetry, Electronic Structure and Bonding.


R Fournier : Wednesday 12:30 to 14:30 and by appointment, in PS 303
Declan Williams: Monday 9:30 to 10:30 in CB 216

Course Outline and Reading Assignments Schedule, Winter 2012

CHEM 2010 Lecture Notes, Winter 2012

Assigned problems, Winter 2012

Answers to some of the problems, Winter 2012

Constants and equations that accompanied the Test on Monday February 6.

Test #2 on March 12 will cover everything seen in class from Friday February 3 to Wednesday March 7 inclusively. In the book it corresponds roughly to chapter 20 (except section 20.2), chapter 21 (except section 21.4), and chapter 23 (except section 23.3).

Marks for test #1

Marks for test #2

Answers to questions on test #1

Answers to questions on test #2

Winter 2011 Final exam in CHEM 2010

What you will find below are old links from CHEM 2010 of Winter 2011.

Solutions to questions in Test 1.

List of all the assigned problems.

Answers to questions on test 2.

Answers to some of the assigned problems.

Constants, conversion factors, important numbers


Particle in a 3D box, lecture notes

Problems and answers for the symmetry chapter

Questions from past years' tests and exams.