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For the media:
York’s researchers have expertise in multi-disciplinary fields. To contact our researchers please visit York’s Media Relations »
Canada Research Chairs (CRC)
Name Canada Research Chair Title

Rosemary Coombe

CRC in Law, Communication and Culture

J. Douglas Crawford

CRC in Visual-Motor Neuroscience

Caitlin Fisher

CRC in Digital Culture

Gordon Flett

CRC in Personality and Health

Joshua Fogel

CRC in the History of Modern China
Christian Haas CRC in Arctic Sea Ice Geophysics

Eric Hessels

CRC in Atomic Physics

David Hood

CRC in Cell Physiology

Christopher Innes

CRC in Performance and Culture

Joel Katz

CRC in Health Psychology

Paul Lovejoy

CRC in African Diaspora

Leo Panitch

CRC in Comparative Political Economy

Wendy Taylor

CRC in Experimental Particle Physics

Leah Vosko

CRC in Feminist Political Economy

Jianhong Wu

CRC in Applied Mathematics
Georg Zoidl CRC in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

Peer Zumbansen

CRC in Transnational Economic Governance and Legal Theory



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