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Commercialization and Technology Transfer

York’s extensive research ensures that many of the inventions result in contract agreements with companies to turn the invention into products and contributing to the York Region economy.

See a list of successful technologies, inventions and spin-off companies created as a result of this licencing process. If your organization is interested in licencing opportunities, please contact Sarah Howe. Researchers can also read about the technology transfer for commercialization process.

Spin-off companies

Organization Faculty/Centre Principal Investigator
Ashbury Biologicals: established 1992


Ashbury Biologicals is a quality-focused, high technology company in the field of plant-based healthcare products. Ashbury’s core strategy has been to develop, using the highest standards in the industry, phytopharmaceuticals that can be marketed as OTC or prescription drugs.

Ashbury’s product Tanacet125® was the first herbal anti-migraine product with drug claims approved by the Canadian government. It has been sold in Canadian drug stores since 1992. Ashbury has a large pipeline of products destined for prescription and OTC markets.


Peter Pekos
Captus Press: established 1986

Publishes Textbooks

Captus Press is a dynamic publishing house. A number of their textbook titles in business, law and finance are the leading books in terms of course adoptions. They also publish carefully selected non-fiction titles for the general reader
They design and typeset hard and soft-cover books with a state-of-the-art page-imaging system, that allows efficient traditional print runs as well as "print on demand" for customized editions.

Publishing Randy Hoffman
Dalton Chemical Laboratories Inc./Dalton Pharma Services : established 1986

Custom organic syntheses

Since its formation in 1986, Dalton Chemical Laboratories has been providing a number of invaluable services to pharmaceutical and research communities across Canada and around the world.

Dalton offers custom synthesis and synthetic chemistry capabilities, and cGMP manufacturing of gram / kilo / multi-kilo quantities of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Dalton has a site establishment license from Health Canada.

Biology Peter Pekos
GeoTango Inc: established 2002

Software for geographic information systems

GeoTango GlobeView™ delivers a 3D digital earth allowing you to interactively explore the world. Smoothly maneuver from the global to local level while GeoTango GlobeView™ instantly presents you with high quality image and location-based information streamed from anywhere on the internet. Unlike other systems GeoTango GlobeView™ offers a truly open and web services-oriented solution.

SilverEye™ is uniquely capable of generating 3D building models from single images. Rapidly build 3D models of urban centers or facilities of interest such as military and nuclear installations. Use either satellite imagery or aerial photographs. Export your results to mapping, gaming and 3D simulation packages in popular GIS and OpenFlight formats. This patent-pending technology is the fastest approach to build 3D models of any location in the world.

GIS Vincent Tao
Hybrisens Limited: established 1986

Molecular Configuration to Improve Protein Drugs

Hybrisens Limited uses state of the art biotechnology techniques to develop new versions of proven protein drugs in order to reduce adverse side effects and achieve higher clinical utilities.

Hybrisens offers a patented molecular configuration for creating new and long lasting "chimeric" protein-drugs. Proven protein (single chain antibodies) therapeutics are genetically fused to naturally occurring immuno-protective molecules, thus reducing elimination from the blood. This extends the drug's half-life by several orders of magnitude, improves its effectiveness and reduces toxicity.

Biology Ezekiel Y. Shami
KCE Technologies: established 2007

Biotechnology and Chemistry Assays

Using laminar flow profiles to enable mixing of solutes in nanolitre quantities of liquids; enables assays using small quantities of assay fluid and use of analytical techniques using aptamers and immunological tools.

Biophysics Sergey Krylov
Optech: established 1974

Lidar Technologies

Optech is a high-tech company specializing in manufacturing laser-based ranging and detection systems (lidar). They are the global leader in lidar survey systems for a wide range of applications.

Since being established in 1974, the company has moved from our original research and development base into manufacturing, integrating and supporting our own commercial products for a worldwide market.

Physics & Astronomy Alan Carswell
Palomino System Innovations Inc.: established 2001

Web Development and Design

Palomino is a young company created to offer web content management and publishing technology services. The company is being incubated on the York University campus.

Palomino’s vision is to establish a new standard for maintenance for SMEs (small to mid-size enterprises) with their WebPal ™ software solution. The long-term goal is to introduce their product as an enabling platform for automated B2B interaction and information interchange. Their mission is to develop innovative, groundbreaking technology in information management and make this technology work easily for its customers.

Computer Science Markus Latzel
Resonance Limited: established 1980

Unique Light Sources, Remote Sensors and Detector Technology

Resonance Ltd. is an innovative electro-optics company leading the way in the development and production of unique light sources, remote sensors and detector technology for commercial, industrial and space applications.

Resonance Ltd. has specialized facilities including a high vacuum system for making lamps, detectors and spectrometers, an optical calibration lab with a granite table, a 24-inch diameter cryo-pumped thermal vacuum test chamber and a 30-g sine vibration table. They also have a certified class 100 assembly area and do NASA approved soldering and inspection.

Space Science Bill Marrow
Spectral Applied Research: established 1989

Remote Sensing Optical Instruments

Spectral is a Canadian research and development company in the field of remote sensing optical instruments. We make aerospace-quality photonic instruments for science, and then commercialize this technology for industry. Our products have been deployed in space, on land, and at sea for applications ranging from defense to environmental. Spectral Applied Research brings remote sensing down to Earth.

Our core competency is optical instruments, with a specialty in hyperspectral imagers. We offer routine calibration and metrology services and products, as well as tailored research and development services.

Space Science Charlie Hersom
Steller Optics Research International: established 1993

Specialized coatings for optics

SORIC specializes in products and services related to optical scatter data and black, white, reflective and transmissive materials employed within and viewed by ground and space-based instrumentation.

SORIC is a manufacturer, distributor, consulting and data distribution company serving the optics needs of aerospace, space, defense, astronomical and scientific markets worldwide.

Centre for Research on Earth and Space Science (CRESS) and EAS Sue McCall
Thoth Technologies Inc.

Space Engineering

Thoth Technologies Inc. specializes in payloads, equipment and services for terrestrial and space-based applications, including environmental monitoring, exploration, communications and process control.

We create innovative and affordable systems for the benefit of our clients and global community.

Earth and Space Science Brendan Quine
Total Synthesis Ltd.: established 1998

High-Speed Chemical Synthesis

Total Synthesis Ltd. (TSL) is a company founded on chemistry and chemical technologies that discover new chemical entities to solve biological (health) related problems.

Relying on the expertise of the founder, Michael G. Organ, a York professor, advances in high-speed chemical synthesis and biological screening techniques are brought to bear on disease areas, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Cystic Fibrosis. Operationally, TSL partners with other early stage companies that have discovered novel disease targets or that have unique platforms from which to attack disease.

Chemistry Michael Organ
Unisearch Associates Inc.: established 1980

Tunable Diode Laser Absorption

Founded in 1980, Unisearch Associates Inc. is an R&D and specialty Instrument Company. Unisearch pioneered and became world-leaders in the use of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) for air measurements, a position that it still enjoys today.

Unisearch Associates Inc. is the only company that offers all three spectroscopic methods for monitoring gases for environmental, continuous emission and process control applications. These methods include LasIR, FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) and DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer). Spectroscopic methods provide the best method for identifying and quantifying a variety of gases with a minimum of interferences from other gases and particles. Unisearch also offers a line of lightweight, battery-operated, highly sensitive instruments based on a novel surface chemiluminescence process. These LUMINOx instruments are available for the measurement of O3, NO, NO2, NOx, and PAN. They combine high sensitivity with fast response time and their ready portability makes them ideal for indoor, remote area and aircraft operations as well as for general monitoring.

Chemistry Harold Schiff
York Bioanalytical Laboratories: established 1999

High-Throughput Analytical Chemistry Services

The mandate of YBL is the analysis of chemical entities that have biological significance. This includes, but is not limited to, the structural identification and quantification of natural products, drug degradation compounds and drug metabolism products. YBL works collaboratively with new start-up companies as well as larger existing pharmaceutical companies.

Chemistry Michael Organ
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