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Research Computing

University Information Technology provides a whole host of services and facilities to support and advance the research initiatives of York faculty. These include:

  • Consulting on research grant preparation.
  • Developing research collaboration tools.
  • Systems design, support and Project Management.
  • High performance computing facilities and access to research oriented networks
  • Procurement of hardware, software and related services.

Who can use this service

Academic researchers and graduate students

Service Details

High Performance Computing (HPC)

There are significant computer processing resources available for York researchers through the SHARCNET consortia. SHARCNET offers a HPC environment distributed among several universities in Ontario.

Systems Management Service

UIT can provide system administration service for various research systems and lab set-up. UIT has experience with Unix/Linux/MacOSX clusters and research lab setup.

Server Hosting

UIT can host research servers in a highly secure and controlled environment. Additional information is available in the Server Hosting description of the catalogue.

Collaboration Tools

UIT offers a wide variety of collaboration tools like videoconferencing, media streaming, Wikis/ Blogs and Content Management Systems.

Pre and Post Grant Consultations

UIT provides assistance with grant proposal development specific to research computing.


Researchers can seek information and consultations Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm. Please contact UIT Research Computing Services at to schedule an appointment.


Charges vary based on type and extent of the research requirement. Quotes can be obtained by contacting UIT Research Computing at

How to request/access this service

To request this service, please email UIT Research Computing Support at

How to get support

Please contact UIT Client Services at or ext 55800 (416-736-5800).

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