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Post-Award Services

The Office of Research Services (ORS) assists faculty to secure funds for research.  Once the award has been made by the funding agency, York provides a number of services to assist faculty in their research including:

Research Accounting:

York's Research Accounting unit in the Department of Finance develops and implements administrative procedures to include the financial reporting and analysis, account reconciliations and the overall financial management  of research grants and contracts.  Both Research Accounting and the Department of Finance report to the Vice-President Finance & Administration.  Research Accounting liaises with the Office of Research Services (ORS), and is responsible for communicating and financial reporting with research granting agencies and auditors.


Research account balances and transactions may be accessed via the Internet through the York University On-line Financial Reporting System - eReports.  In order to access eReports you must have a valid Passport York userid and password.  Instructions and training information, including contact information in case of difficulty, are included on the eReports access page.

From the Financial Reporting page on the Finance web, click on Financial Reports under quick links. For security reasons, eReports can only be accessed when connected to the internet on the York campus.

You must be the account/grant holder or listed with Finance as a designate to view the reports.

  • For Internal Grants (fund 4 accounts) revenue, expenses, transactions and commitments are included on one statement.
  • For External Grants and Operating Accounts (e.g. fund 5 or fund 2 accounts) Balance Sheets, Transaction Details, Statements of Operations and Encumberances are listed on separate statements.
  • Purchase order details and status may also be viewed in eReports

eReports Training:

Research Accounting offers eReports training sessions that are customized for researchers.  These dedicated one-hour training sessions include detailed review of all available financial reports including Statement of Operations, Transaction Detail., Salary Commitments, and Advances.  Search and download features are also covered.

To arrange for one of these eReports training sessions, please contact: Angela Zeno, ext. 55668

Procurement Services:

Purchasing and Contract Administration is responsible for gaining best value for money for purchases of research equipment. Procurement services reprots to the Vice-President Finance & Administration.

Facilities Services:

Facilities Services oversees building, renovating, and decommissioning research facilities.  Facilities services reports to the Vice-President Finance & Administration.

Research Computing:

University Information Technology (UIT) is responsible for providing computing and networking services for research.

Human Resources:

Human Resources and Employee Relations (HR) manages research personnel.  HR reports to the Vice-President Finance & Administration.

Legal Services:

Legal services is provided by the University Secretariat, which advices on research contracts and contractual terms, intellectual property agreements, and other legal issues associated with research. The University Secretariat reports to York's General Counsel and falls within the  Division of the President.

Insurance, Risk Management and Taxation:

Insurance and Risk Management advises on insurance, liability, indemnification, taxation, and management of risk to York U and York U personnel.  Insurance and Risk Management is located within the Office of the Comptroller, which falls under the AVP Finance and reports to the Vice-President Finance & Administration.

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