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Membership 2011-12

Marilyn Lambert-Drache, Associate Dean, Students, LA & PS and Gayathry Wright, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services, Education

Cristina Bregar, Directrice adjointe/Manager, Service pédagogique/Academic Advising, Glendon College
Josephine Fung, Manager, Student Services, Health
Polly MacFarlane, Director, CDS
Lillian Nasello, Director, Student Client Services
Andrew Wilson, Manager, Student Services, Faculty of Health


The Advising Goals in the White Paper include the following:
a) Establish a Holistic approach to student advising & support
b) Establish a Coordinated Advising Program
It is the intention of the Advising Sub-Committee to accomplish the following tasks during the 2010-2011 academic year.
1. Identify the needs of Academic Advisors from different Faculties. (Meet Advising Goal (a)
Expected Outcome:
• Advising Sub-Committee will identify the Gaps that currently exist.
• To fill the Gaps, Advising Sub-Committee will prepare adequate training and development that meets the needs of different types of advisors on campus.
2. Identify the students' advising needs and expectations in every phase of the student life cycle at the University with consideration to students' different learning & personal styles. (Meet Advising Goal (b))
Expected Outcome:
• Knowledge of the students' life cycle will help Advising Sub-Committee determine the touch points whereby "advising" would be recommended in order to be "proactive" rather than "reactive".
• By identifying the 'stress points' in the first year and beyond, this will help build a stronger connection between student and his/her learning experience at York University. (eg. Student will know when to connect with Financial, Learning Skills, Writing, Career and Personal Counselling support)
3. Establish standards & expectations for all advisors. (Meet Advising Goal (b))
Expected Outcome:
• Establishing standards and expectations will help the various people who have this aspect in their job description perform in a way that ensures consistent messaging to the student. (i.e. Faculty Advising Centres, Faculty and Staff Contacts within departments, librarians, peer mentors, College advisors, Masters)
• Professionalizing the Advisor Role
4. Identify best practices when working with technology in advising.
Expected Outcome:
Based on findings, Advising Sub-Committee will decide what opportunities exist to develop for 2010-2011.