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Peer Mentoring

Membership 2011-12

Brian Poser, Director, Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS)
Leah State, Coordinator, Health Education & Promotion, SC&LD


  • Recognition of peer mentors
  • Prepare an inventory of what is already in place in this area (e.g., in FFA, Health, LA&PS)
  • Review student leadership training best practices
  • Draw on student mentors for student voice
  • Consider developing key components of peer mentoring with opportunity for Faculty customization
  • Ultimate goal = template/model of essential elements for a strong peer mentor program
  • When a Peer Mentoring model is developed, share it with Senate
  • ASCP for pan university information/consideration
  • Supplemental Instructions - Is the Teaching & Learning Group looking at this?

Peer Mentoring Training Session Materials

Session 1 - Peer Mentoring 101: Standing on the Shoulders of Ordinary People - B. Poser

Session 2 - Mentoring Skills: Leveraging Your Experience to Help Others to Succeed - C. Salole

Session 3 - An Introduction to Understanding Diversity - N. Baker

Session 4 - Resilience: a (Very) Short Course on Managing Hardship - M. Wilchesky