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Financial Education Series E-Seminars

E-learning seminars allow you to see and hear seminars right on your desktop on campus or at home, whenever you want! They are intended to supplement basic retirement information outlined in the Retirement Planner. Here’s a tip – if you want to advance the seminar to a particular issue or point, simply find the slide that relates to the topic and click on it. The presenter’s talk will automatically move forward to that place. This program will only work if you use Internet Explorer. If you experience problems accessing any of the seminars please contact the RPCentre office (ext. 66228) and staff will help you with the process.

Session 1: Preparing for Retirement Securing the Foundation for your Financial Plan
Session 2: Personal Investing - Part A - Core Investing Components Applied
Session 3: Personal Taxation - Part A Introductory Concepts in Tax Minimization
Session 4: Personal Investing - Part B Investment Planning Concepts & Strategies
Session 5: Personal Taxation - Part B Comprehensive Strategies: A longer-term perspective
Session 6: Life Insurance & Estate Planning - Understanding the Importance of Security & Structure
Session 7: Preparing for Retirement Focus on Financial Planning