Richard Murray
  Centre for Vision Research
  York University

Positions available

Contact Richard Murray for further details on any of these positions.

Graduate students.  I have positions and funding for graduate students interested in visual perception. Prospective students should contact me to discuss their research interests, and should apply for admission to the Department of Psychology's graduate program, in the area of Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Sciences. The annual deadline is December 15. As part of the graduate program, you can optionally take York's neuroscience diploma program, and you can apply for the additional training and funding that is available through the CREATE program in Vision Science and Applications.

Honours thesis students.  The undergraduate honours thesis is an important part of the honours degree in psychology. Honours students can contact me during the winter term of their third year to discuss possible thesis projects.

Independent study students.  Like the honours thesis, an independent study course consists of a laboratory research project. It can be a third or fourth year course (PSYC 3890, 4890), and can last one or two terms.

Research assistants.  Undergraduate students from York can apply for paid part-time research assistant positions through the Research at York (RAY) program and the work/study program. These positions pay $12-15/h, for 10-15 h/week. Ads are posted on the Career Centre website in early April for summer positions, and in mid-August for fall-winter positions.