PSYC 2021.  Statistical methods I

Department of Psychology
York University

Summer term S1 2017
Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30 - 5:30


General description:  This course covers the fundamental concepts and application of descriptive statistics. It provides an introduction to probability and inferential statistics, including hypothesis testing with the normal and t distributions. It also covers elements of the R programming language, an open-source package for statistical data analysis that you can use on Computing Commons terminals or install for free on your own computer (macOS, Linux, or Windows).


• May 25.  Here are all marks to date.  Here are answers to midterm test 1.

• May 15.  The final exam will be on Thursday, June 15, 7:00 - 10:00 pm. The location will be announced soon.

• May 2.  Here is a list of tutors available through the Department of Psychology Resource Centre.

• April 23.  For the tests and exam, you will need a simple calculator with only basic functions (e.g., arithmetic and square roots). You won't need it for the quizzes. Bring a simple calculator, like this, not a scientific calculator, like this.

• April 23.  Use the missed class form if you miss a quiz or test. Provide us with a printed copy of the form with all information filled in.

• April 23.  Here are some suggestions on how to study.

Lecture notes

• Lecture 1a  Introduction    code   
• Lecture 1b  Frequency distributions    code    galton box   
• Lecture 2a  Mean and variance    code    quiz   
• Lecture 2b  The z score    code    quiz   
• Lecture 3a  Probability       quiz   
• Lecture 3b  Sample means   
• Lecture 4a  Hypothesis testing       quiz    slides