Research Group on Translation and Transcultural Contact

“Translation is relation. Inasmuch as language is constitutive of thought and of experience, translation is the enactment of language contact, the encounter of diverse ways of understanding thought and experience. Translation is also a drive. A failure to understand, a desire to continue to hear, to know, however imperfect, fragmented or messy, are evidence of the drive to translation.” “I focus my enquiry on the subject who translates. In my research I also explore the relationship between translation and Latin America and the possibilities of a "traductología latinoamericana". More generally, I am interested in experiences, past and present, of translation as encounter and as textual and cultural production in the Americas.”
María Constanza Guzmán

María Constanza Guzmán received her Ph.D in Comparative Literature from the State University of New York (2006). She has an MA in Spanish Translation from Kent State University and a BA in Philology from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She is an associate professor in the School of Translation and the Department of Hispanic Studies at Glendon College, York University. She is co-coordinator of the Research Group in Translation and Transcultural Contact (RGTTC), and editor-in-chief of Tusaaji: A Translation Review. Her translation research focuses on Latin American and Caribbean narratives and on contemporary theoretical perspectives drawn from literary and cultural studies. Contact information:

Selected Projects and Publications

  • Book. Mapping Spaces of Translation in Twentieth-Century Latin American Print Culture. New York: Routledge, 2020.

  • Book. Negotiating Linguistic Plurality: Translation and Multilingualism in Canada and Beyond. Co-edited with Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar. Edited collection (under final review).
  • “La traducción en Casa: el espacio de traducción de la revista Casa de las Américas.” Revistas y redes culturales en América Latina. Ed. César Zamorano e Ivette LozoyaChile: Ariadna ediciones (forthcoming). 

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  • “Cartografías intelectuales plurales: la traducción en las revistas latinoamericanas Mito, Casa de las Américas y Crisis.” Constelación latinoamericana: intelectuales y escritores entre traducción, crítica y ficción. Ed. Marco Paone. Pliegos Hispánicos. Italy: Universitas Studiorum (in press).

  • Translation into Spanish of the play Our Lady of Delicias by Canadian playwright David Fancy. Teatro de las tres Américas: escena, política y ficción. (Antología norte) México: Ed. TeatroSinParedes (forthcoming).

  • “Introduction” and reviews of translations from the Spanish of works of fiction. Handbook of Latin American Studies: Humanities. Washington: Library of Congress. Vol. 74. Print edition: Austin: University of Texas Press, 2019.

  • “Thinking the Space of Translation in/from the Americas: A Decolonial Approach.” Langues et rapports de force. Les enjeux politiques de la traduction, edited by Céline Letawe, Christine Pagnoulle y Patricia Willson. Collection "Truchements". n. 3. Liège: Presses universitaires de Liège (in press).
  • “Introduction” (as guest editor). Translation and/in Periodical Publications. Special issue of TIS (Translation and Interpreting Studies) journal of the Association of Translation and Interpreting Studies (ATISA). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, vol. 14, no. 2, 2019, pp. 169-173.

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  • "El Caribe se traduce: La traducción como praxis descolonial en las revistas Tropiques, Bim Revista Casa de las Américas” Mutatis mutandis. Revista latinoamericana de traductología 10.1  2017. PDF

  • “Traducción y memoria”. Co-authored with Marta Marín-Domine. In: Palmero González, Elena & Stelamaris Coser (ed). Em torno da memoria: conceitos e relações. Porto Alegre (Brazil): Ed.  LETRA 1 (2017). 347-355.

  • Book. Translation of the novel La sombra de Heidegger by the Argentinean José Pablo Feinmann. Co-translated into English with Joshua Martin Price. Texas Tech University Press. June 2016. Description.

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  • “Introduction” and reviews of translations from the Spanish of works of fiction. Co-authored with Sarah Pollack. Handbook of Latin American Studies: Humanities. Library of Congress. Vols 70, 72 (2015-2017).

  • Book. Deterritorializing Practices in Literary Studies: Contours of Transdisciplinarity. Book co-edited with Alejandro Zamora. Contornos Pub. Toronto, Cuernavaca: York University, Universidad Autónoma de Morelos, December 2014.   

  • “Aprender a traducir entre culturas”. Invited interview conducted by and published in Impronta 11: Traducción: Aprendizaje y Oficio. Boletín de la Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia). April, 2014 (2-3). Full text

  • “Ángel Rama y la traducción como praxis y experiencia americana.” La tradición teórico-crítica en América Latina: mapas y perspectivas. Eds. Irene Fenoglio, Rodrigo Díaz de la Sienra, and Mónica Quijano. México: Bonilla Artigas Editores, 2013. 57-71. Description/review

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  • Performer in interdisciplinary performance piece Fluency, dealing with questions of cultural translation. Directed by choreographer Peter Chin (Tribal Crackling Wind).

  • Book. Gregory Rabassa's Latin American Literature: A Translator's Visible Legacy. Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press, December 2010.

  • “Who do We Teach for? Thinking Translation for Social Awareness in Toronto.” Co-authored with Rosalind Gill. Special Issue: Ethics and the Curriculum. Ed. Mona Baker and Carol Maier. The Interpreter and Translator Trainer 5(1): 93-108. 2011.

  • “Toward a Conceptualization of the Translator’s Legacy." Forma y función. Journal of Linguistics. Universidad Nacional de Colombia 22.1 (2009). 181-201. Published with its Spanish translation: "Para una conceptualización del legado del traductor” Trans. by Ana Marcela Guzmán. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Revista Forma y función 22.1 (2009). 202-223.  

  • An interview with Suzanne Jill Levine. Words Without Borders. October 2009. Full text. (translated and published in the Comparative Literature Journal of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature; trans. S. Niazi; full text)

  • “Rabassa and the ‘Narrow Act’: Between Possibility and an Ethics of Doubt.” (Journal Translation, Terminology, Writing - Canadian Association for Translation Studies, McGill University) TTR XXI, 2 (2008). 211-239.      

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  • “The Spectrum of Translation in Cortázar’s ‘Letter to a Young Lady in Paris’.” Ikala: revista de lenguaje y cultura. Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia). 11.17 (2006): 75-86. 

  • Translation into English of article: “Europe: Both Needed and in Need” by Fernando Savater. In Old Europe, New Europe, Core Europe: Transatlantic Relations After the Iraq War. Ed. Max Pensky et al. London: Verso Press, 2005. Description.