Research Group on Translation and Transcultural Contact

"My work makes use of both quantitative and qualitative methods to help provide a deeper understanding of the work that people do in the translation professions. I am particularly interested in examining the skills and abilities that allow professionals to excel, so that this examination can then inform learning, teaching, and testing."
Andrew Clifford

Andrew Clifford

Dr. Clifford’s first contact with the professional translation world came when he began working as a community interpreter in the early 1990s. He interpreted for the Immigration and Refugee Board, what was then the Worker’s Compensation Board, and a number of healthcare institutions. He later went on to work as a translator, a technical writer, and finally a conference interpreter. He holds an MA in conference interpretation from the University of Ottawa, and he is an accredited conference interpreter with the Government of Canada.

To pursue his research interests, Dr. Clifford completed a PhD in Translation Studies at the University of Ottawa in 2003. His dissertation was a psychometric analysis of interpreter certification exams. Since that time, he has gone on to publish a number of peer-reviewed articles using theoretical frameworks from evaluation and measurement, ethics, and pragmatics to examine conference interpreting, community interpreting, scientific translation, and other topics.

Selected Publications
Clifford, A. (in press). Information Structure in Conference Interpreting.
Clifford, A. (in press). Gay men in the translation professions: An emergent study.
Clifford, A. (2007). Healthcare interpreting and informed consent: What is the interpreter’s role in treatment decision-making? TTR: traduction terminology, rédaction. 18(2), 225-247.
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Clifford, A. (2006). Is fidelity ethical? The social role of the healthcare interpreter. TTR: traduction, terminologie, rédaction. 17(2), 89-114
Clifford, A. (2005). Putting the exam to the test: Psychometric validation and interpreter certification. Interpreting 7(1),97-131.
Clifford, A. (2001). Discourse theory and performance-based assessment: Two tools for professional interpreting. Meta, 46(2), 365-378.