North Trinity Windows - Red symbolizes God, the sun rise, sun set, the beginning and the end. This window has the most colour of all three trinity windows and Haufschild said while standing in the church, "if I were to do it all again I would use less colour." The windows, even on a cloudy day, fill the church with light. 


On the left window, located on the second story, are Latvian churches, the right window depicts an Estonian church. The text on the top is the first Latvian translation of the bible, while the text in the middle is the first Estonian translation of the bible. The text font is as the original texts would have been. The images were silk screened onto the glass, therefore the text shown is as it would be in the book.

Located on the main floor is a window with folk music. The oak leaves were used to show the link between both congregations. Some of the lines are painted to look like lead lines.