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St. Agnes' Church (R.C.)

St. Aidan's Church (Anglican)

St. Alban the Martyr's Church (Anglican)

St. Alphonsus' Church (R.C.)

St. Ambrose Church-Alderwood (R.C.)

St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Church (Anglican/R.C.)
Several pictures of the stained glass (click on images, and view both pages 1 and 2):

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Home page:
"General History" with links to ore information:
Good pictures of "St. Andrew's Sanctuary Stained Glass Windows:"

St. Andrew's United Church

St. Anne's Church (Anglican)
Home page:
Tour with brief history:
"Tour the Chancel" (click on individual windows for enlarged views of the stained glass):

St. Anthony's Church (R.C.)

St. Barnabas Church (Anglican)

St. Bartholomew's Regent Park Church (Anglican/R.C.)

St. Basil's Church (R.C.)

St. Benedict's Church (R.C.)

St. Bonaventure's Church (R.C.)

St. Casimir's Church (R.C.)

St. Cecilia's Church (R.C.)

St. Chad's Church (Anglican)

St. Charles Borremeo Church (R.C.)

St. Clare's Church (R.C.)

St. Clement's Church (Anglican)

St. Fidelis Church (R.C.)

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church (R.C.)

St. George the Martyr Anglican Church
Home page without images of the earlier stained glass (the original building and stained glass windows were burned down in 1955, but the tower remains):

St. George's on-the-Hill Anglican Church
Home page:
Brief history:
Views of stained glass:

St. George's United Church

St. Gregory's Church (R.C.)

St. Helen's Church (R.C.)

St. Hilda's Church (Anglican)

St. James-Bond United Church

St. James' Cathedral (Anglican) (The Cathedral Church of St. James)
Home page:
Brief history:
Brief architectural history:
Images and some description of the stained glass:
Photographs by Lee Sandstead of the Tiffany glass (click on images to enlarge):

St. Joan of Arc Church (R.C.)

St. John's Church (Anglican)

St. John's Church (R.C.)

St. John Bosco Church (R.C.)

St. John's Norway Church (Anglican)

St. John's Polish National Catholic Cathedral

St. John's West Toronto Church (Anglican)

St. John's York Mills Church (Anglican)
Home page (with one picture of the stained glass):
Brief history (with very brief mention of the stained glass):

St. Leonard's Church (R.C.)

St. Luke's United Church

St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland Church (R.C.)

St Margaret's Anglican Church

St. Mark's & Calvary Church (Anglican)

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church (Anglican)

St. Mary's Church (R.C.)

St. Mary's (Polish) Church (R.C.)

St. Mary the Virgin & St. Cyprian Church (Anglican)

St. Mary Magdalene Church (Anglican) (The Church of St. Mary Magdalene)
Home page (but no pictures or mention of the stained glass):
Brief history:

Sts.Matthew & John Church (Anglican)

St. Matthew's - Islington Church (Anglican)

St. Matthias' Church (Anglican)

St. Michael and All Angels Church (Anglican)

St. Michael's Cathedral (R.C.)

St. Monica's Church (R.C.)

St. Nicholas of Bari Church (R.C.)

St. Olave's Church (Anglican)

St. Patrick's Church (R.C.)

St. Paul's Church (Anglican)

St. Paul's Church (R.C.)

St. Paul's Runnymede Church (Anglican)
Home page:
Some pictures of the stained glass:

St. Peter's Church (Anglican)

St. Peter's Church (R.C.)

St. Philip the Apostle Church (Anglican)

St. Pius X Church (R.C.)
Home page without description of the stained glass, but some pictures are included:

St. Simon the Apostle Church (Anglican)

St. Stanislaus' Church (R.C.)

St. Stephen-in-the-Fields Church (Anglican)
Home page:
Brief history with some pictures of the building; a brief discussion of the stained glass with one fair colour picture:

St. Thomas' Church (Anglican)
Home page:
Pictures of the church:
Pictures of the stained glass:

St Thomas Aquinas Church (R.C.)
Home page:
Brief history:
Some description and pictures of the stained glass:

St. Vincent de Paul Church (R.C.)

Thistletown United Church

Timothy Eaton Memorial Church (United)

United Church House Chapel

Victoria-Royce Presbyterian Church

Willowdale Presbyterian Church

Windemere United Church

Wychwood-Davenport Presbyterian Church

York Memorial Presbyterian Church

Yorkminster Park Baptist Church