Women, Art & Community Activism

The subtitle of our next book is “Nurturing the Development of People, Families and Communities,” and the authors provide several examples of American women who have been leaders in providing such nurturance. Today I received an announcement of the most recent issue of Women & Environments International Magazine, which has the title Women, Art & Community Activism. This is a Canadian magazine, and it appears from the Table of Contents that the current issue offers numerous Canadian examples of women nurturing communities, particularly artistic ones, in the ways that Belenky, Bond & Weinstock describe. The announcement also indicates that a launch party celebrating the current edition is being held this Thursday — see details following; it is open to all who are interested and would be a great place to meet people who are actually doing this kind of work.

The Table of Contents and excerpts from the current issue are available online by clicking on the magazine title above.

Women, Art & Community Activism
A night of
food and
Launch Party: February 22, 2007
DeLeon White Gallery, 6:00 to 8:30pm
1139 College St. (West of Dufferin) Toronto, M6H 1B5
Tel. 416.597.9466
York EcoArt & Media Festival

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