February 20


Martin, J. (2004). Self-regulated learning, social cognitive theory, and agency. Educational Psychologist, 39(2), 135-145.

The assignment for February 20th is to begin preparing a working bibliography for your course paper. By Thursday of this week I would like for you to have identified at least three or four sources that you will be able to draw on in your research. Please post references for these sources on the Dialogue Forum as a reply to the earlier (January 3) post in which you described your initial ideas about a direction for the paper. For each reference write a few lines describing the connection of the source to the work you are planning and how you think the source will be useful in that work. (I realize that many people will have changed the focus of the paper; doing so is not a problem.)

If you are looking to get ahead a bit in the course reading, you could begin the Belenky book as it will be the next reading we take up.

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