February 27

Belenky, M., Bond, A. & Weinstock, J. (1997). A tradition that has no name: Nurturing the development of people, families and communities. New York: Basic Books. (pages 1 – 79)

a brief description of the connections that stand out for you between the Belenky et al. book and other material we have considered in the course. Post your comments on the Dialogue Forum or bring them to class on Thursday, March 1.

This week and for the next three weeks, the Tuesday class will be reserved for small group discussions of progress on the course paper. On Thursdays we will meet as usual to discuss the assigned reading. Class members will be divided into six discussion groups and assigned a 30-minute time period on two of the four Tuesdays to meet with me in the classroom. Everyone is welcome to attend and listen in on the Tuesday discussions, but attendance is required only during the periods assigned to your group.

Discussion Groups for February 27:

  • 9:50 Group 1 – Carolyn, Michael, Judith, Sheri
  • 10:20 Group 2 – Jacque, Arianna, Yonah, Heather, Jennifer
  • 10:50 Group 3 – Mathew, Andrew, Daniela, Amos

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