October 31

Read Danziger, Chapters 6 and 7

Danziger discusses the evolution of several “categories” he regards as elements in the “discourse formation” of Psychology. He also refers to the evolution of “psychological objects.” For this paper you are to conduct a bit of elementary research on one of the categories or objects to be found in the discourse related to your chosen area of interest. The following materials may be useful in your research:

Oxford English Dictionary — online
Provides the evolution of word meanings with representative quotations

Some early Psychology Dictionaries available at Scott Library
Each is a bit different, but all are limited to Psychology terminology

Some early Psychology Textbooks available at Scott Library
The Table of Contents & the index for each can be used to locate material on topics of interest

Provides abstracts of articles and books published in the early 1900’s

After choosing an appropriate category or object, consult a few sources of the sort listed above. Your response paper should describe in a page or two the most interesting things you learn about your chosen category from the dictionary entries, textbook passages or article abstracts. Of particular interest would be any information you find that illustrates the same evolution Danziger has described with respect to the categories he studied.

The paper is to be completed for the class on Thursday, November 2. However, you should complete Chapters 6 & 7 and be ready to discuss them in class on Tuesday, October 31.

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