October 24

Read Danziger, pages 21-23, Chapters 3 and 4, and
Mattingly, C. (2006). Hoping, Willing, and Narrative Re-Envisioning. The Hedgehog Review, 8(3), 21-35.

Write one to two pages addressing one of the following:

1. Describe some of the important connections you see between our reading in Slife and Williams and that in Danziger.
For example, you might elaborate how Danziger’s work on psychology’s categories relates to Slife and Williams comment (p. 197) that although the behavioural science tradition “includes the assumption that truth can be found through the application of method” they feel that “prior to any method is an assumptive understanding of what is true.”

2. Danziger argues that the construct of emotion that we find in Psychology today did not always exist. Outline the steps that he points to in the construct’s evolution and explain what significance there is for contemporary Psychology in understanding that the construct has evolved.

3. Danziger says (p. 54) that psychologists’ conceptions of stimulation have “expressed fundamental convictions about the status occupied by subjectivity in the natural order.” Describe some of these convictions and your sense of why they might be important for contemporary Psychology.

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