October 10

Read Slife & Williams, Chapter 5

The purpose of this week’s response paper is to apply the concepts discussed by Slife and Williams to specific instances of psychological discourse. Select a Psychology article or chapter for your analysis and write one to two pages in which you describe the connections you see between your selection and the concepts introduced by Slife and Williams in Chapters 3, 4 and 5. For example, you might indicate the ways of knowing, the models of causation, the forms of determinism or the type of reductionism that seem to be followed by the authors, together with a description of the factors that lead you to this view. Analysis of how the psychologists’ choices along these dimensions influence their methodology and conclusions would be particularly welcome, as would suggestions about how the research might look different if the authors were to conduct their investigation under different assumptions.

Bring your response paper to class on Tuesday, October 10. Please attach a copy of the abstract from the article you consider in your paper.

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