September 19

Read Danziger, Chapter 1; and Teo, Chapter 1

Write 1 to 2 pages addressing one of the following:

1. Choose a Psychology textbook with which you are familiar and which gives some attention to the history of the textbook’s topic. Use the ideas discussed by Teo and/or Danziger to comment on the nature of the history presented in the textbook.

2. Both Teo and Danziger refer to the study of “psychological objects.” Use this notion to characterize the work you hope to do this year for your thesis (or other major paper). What do you know about the constructers of your psychological object and the conditions of its construction? What would be worth finding out? Which of Danziger’s “categories” are relevant to the object? Are any of his observations about the categories relevant to the study of your object? How so?

3. For each chapter, identify a quotation of no more than a few sentences that you feel captures the most important point the author makes in the chapter. Accompany each quote with a brief explanation of your choice.

Click here for some additional questions you might consider as you read the Danziger chapter.

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