September 26

Read Slife & Williams, Chapter 1 & 2

Write 1 to 2 pages addressing one of the following items. Bring your response to class on Tuesday, September 26.

1. Select and read a Psychology article, for example, one related to your thesis research or one that you have studied in another course. Indicate which of the ‘human images’ discussed by Slife & Williams seems to inform the article and explain what characteristics of the work lead you to this conclusion. Attach a photocopy of the article abstract to your assignment.

2. Select a theory with which you are familiar (for example, for me this might be Case’s theory of cognitive development or Fischer’s theory of emotional development) and discuss what questions Slife & Williams might put to the theory about its assumptions. Say as much as you can about the responses you think these questions might elicit from supporters of the theory.

3. Indicate which of the human images described by Slife & Williams you find most congenial with your own approach to Psychology and explain why. Which of the concerns raised by them about the limitations or problems with those congenial image(s) do you share? Elaborate or explain why you are less bothered than Slife & Williams.

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