November 21

Read Chapters 7 & 8 from the Teo text.

The response paper this week might be called “Points of Connection.” First imagine a project that you are working on or very familiar with – for most, this will be your thesis project. As you read Teo’s chapters on Feminist and Postmodern critiques of mainstream Psychology, look for ideas that are related to your chosen project. These might include such things as problems that the critique points to in the way you have conceptualized your project, extensions that you might make to the project, or examples from your project of how you have incorporated ideas that follow from the critique. Write one to two pages describing these points of connection you find between your project and the chapters assigned. Preferably the paper should be written as an entry on the Dialogue Forum – though this is not an absolute requirement – and should be completed prior to the class on November 21.

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