Midterm Exam – December 9

The December 9th examination consisted of two items as described below.

Part I (30%). Write a brief description of what you consider to be the two most important criticisms of mainstream Psychology made within three of the following critiques:
• Kurt Danziger’s critique (as seen in Naming the Mind)
• The human-scientific critique
• The Marxist critique
• The Feminist critique
• The Postmodern critique
• The Postcolonial critique

Part II (70%). Read the attached abstracts and accompanying excerpts from two recent journal articles on eating disorders. Write a commentary on these articles in which you describe the reactions you imagine the authors we have considered might have on reading them. You should point out both problems from the point of view of these authors and characteristics which they would endorse. The most important authors to include in your comments are Isaac Prilleltensky, Brent Slife & Richard Williams, Kurt Danziger, and Thomas Teo, though you are welcome to include others.

Abstracts and excerpts were attached from the following articles which are available online through the Scott Library:

Malson, H., Finn, D., Treasure, J., Clarke, S. & Anderson, G. (2004). Constructing ‘the eating disordered patient’: A discourse analysis of accounts of treatment experiences. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 14, 473-489.

Engel, S., Robinson, M., Wonderlich, S. J., Meier, B., Wonderlich, S. A., Crosby, R., Steffen, K. & Mitchell, J. (2006). Does the avoidance of body and shape concerns reinforce eating disordered attitudes? Evidence from a manipulation study. Eating Behaviors, 7, 368-374.

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