Danziger’s critique

This morning we talked about the idea that Danziger is not only describing the history of some of Psychology's primary categories, but that he is also providing a critique of mainstream psychology. I listed three criticisms (that are not necessarily independent of one another, nor are they the only ones) that he seems to be making:

Privatization of psychological phenomena - movement towards conceptualizing phenomena as individualistic rather than social.

Naturalistic encroachments on the way in which phenomena are conceptualized - movement towards mechanistic, materialistic, biological reductions, sometimes to the point of scientistic conceptions.

Failure to recognize the importance


More on Mattingly

 One of the ways I expect to use the blog most frequently is as a postscript on our class meetings. Sometimes I have comments that wouldn't fit in the class time, and sometimes it isn't until after class is over that I finally think of what I should have said. In this post I want to add a couple of comments to our discussion of Cheryl Mattingly's article on will as re-envisioning.
In the first line of page 30 Mattingly, pictured at left, says that the standard view of willing fits an "atomistic picture of action." It is worth



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