About Renate Wickens

BA (Waterloo), MA, PhD (York)

TEL Associate Professor

Faculty of Fine Arts, York University

Email Me: wickens@yorku.ca

As one of four TEL professors at York University, Dr. Wickens has a specific mandate to develop technologically-enhanced learning theory with the Faculty of Fine Arts. Recognized internationally for her innovations in the design and development of fully and partially online courses, she is a frequent speaker on issues pertaining to fine arts technology and pedagogy. In addition to the advancement of interconnectivity, her areas of expertise include cultural history and cultural theory, with special reference to the culture of the mechanically reproduced image. She has published widely on issues pertaining to photographic history and culture. Much of her current research focuses on the relationship between history and memory in vernacular photography. She is presently working on several interdisciplinary projects.

Professor Wickens is the recipient of numerous research and teaching grants and honours, including the 2003 Faculty of Fine Arts Dean's Teaching Award. She was appointed to the Fine Arts Cultural Studies Program in 2000.