The Sexual Assault Survivors' Support Line & Leadership (SASSL) exists to provide unbiased and non-judgmental peer support and referrals to survivors of sexual violence.

SASSL provides:
24 hour crisis line
Public Education
Fund Raising

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Where does SASSL get its funding from?

In the 90s, York’s Sexual Harassment Education and Complaint Centre realized there is a critical need on campus for emergency support for survivors of sexual assault. SASSL was founded in 1995, with the help of York University administration. SASSL received monetary support from the Campus Safety for Women grant, the Work Study program, and the Graduate Assistant program. In 1999, SASSL became recognized as an important presence on campus when York students elected SASSL to receive a $2.10 tuition levy. The levy is distributed across a full course load of 30 credits, so for a 3 credit course 21 cents goes towards the operation of SASSL. SASSL continues to receive support from the Campus Safety for Women grant and the money goes towards the operation of Wen-Do self-defense courses for York community members.