The Journals & Notebook of
 Nathan Bangs 1805-1806, 1817


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Editorial Annotations

Although Bangs is not clear about what he is attempting to resist, sometime during 1805 while riding this circuit he met Mary Bolton of Edwardsburgh the woman he would marry in April 1806. Bangs was quite aware, however, that Bishop Asbury preferred his preachers to remain single and it may be that Bangs was attempting to resist his desire to marry at this time. Apart from the Hay Bay camp meeting, For his part, Stevens hardly devotes a hundred words to describing Bangs's marriage.


Monday December 9 1805

Yesterday I endeavoured to preach on Heb 10.32.33 [Heb 10.32-33] but I did not satisfy my own mind. I did as well as I could, but I fear it was not a Proper subject. Many I believe were offended. My God bless them. In the evening at a Prayer meeting the Lord powerfully manifested himself unto my soul. I went to bed but was much harassed. I could not sleep much, in the account of my mind. O how hard it is sometimes to resist. May God help me to overcome at all times. I feel more composed at Present thanks be unto God. In the evening I preached at Mukelmiles and at the close of the sermon the power of God descended so that a number was on their knees at Prayer whilst some sung, and others praised the Lord.

28 November 1805


18 December 1805

Primary Sources

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Nathan Bangs Letters to Young Ministers of the Gospel Bangs's advice "in regards to preaching"





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