The Journals & Notebook of
 Nathan Bangs 1805-1806, 1817


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Editorial Annotations

The appointments to which Bangs refers are stops along the Oswegatchie circuit where he would preach in private homes or the open air. These stops were also served by at least several unsalaried local ministers as well. Appointments along this circuit included Elizabethtown, Augusta, Edwardsburg, Matilda, Williamsburg, Oznabruck, and Cornwall (Cornish 272).


Thursday 4 [July 1805]

Monday afternoon was taken ill with an ague & fever which still continues. It has weakened my body so that I am not able to attend my appointments. O that this season of confinement may be sanctified to me. May it be a time of recollection, self examination and self abasement. I feel the Lord near to support me under my various trials, thanks be unto his Holy Name forever. My friends are exceeding kind to me (O what condescension). May God reward them an hundred fold in this World and in the World to come, give them Everlasting Life.

I am often astonished at the kindness of my friends to so unworthy a Creature as I am. I find the want of much Grace to bear up under such heavy burdens.  Adversity bring its own antidote, but a flood of prosperity needs a skillful hand to improve it. O Lord, do thou help me for Christ's sake.

1 July 1805


15 July 1805

Primary Sources

Abel Stevens Life and Times of Nathan Bangs Bangs on ague

John Carroll Case and His Cotemporaries Carroll on the "Upper Canada District" in 1805.

David Smyth "Map of the Province of Upper Canada 1813" Upper Canada district



ague: An acute fever followed by chills and sweating usually brought on by waterborne bacteria. Swampy areas around Kingston during this time had "an evil reputation as unhealthy place[s]" (Preston lxxx).


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