The Journals & Notebook of
 Nathan Bangs 1805-1806, 1817


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Editorial Annotations

Bangs's reference to a local "Elder" probably denotes, in this context, an elderly Methodist member and not a "presiding elder."


[Monday 30 September 1805]

There is one circumstance moreover [I] would not neglect to mention, and so much the more, as it shows the entire union which the instruments of this work felt with one another. Just at the close, after a majority of the people were dispersed, and the oil of God's grace still continuing to circulate through our heats, a local Elder, who had been an instrument in converting many souls in this Province, began to feel the happy effects of it, yet more powerfully in his soul, whilst himself & others were interceding in the behalf of a broken hearted sinner. The travelling Ministers together with the local preachers formed in a cluster together around said Elder with their hands claspt around each others necks, tears streaming from many of their eyes, and hearts uplifted to God, broke out in such expressions of gratitude to God, and love one to another, until the presence of him who filleth all in all, filled, filled our hearts with raptures of Divine Joy, that it drew tears of thankfulness from almost every bystander. Whilst our souls were thus expanded and filled with the pure stream of the Water of Life, we seemed to be absent from the body and present with the Lord, anticipating that pure & perennial bliss where the saints of the most high shall Eternally bask in the bright beams of the smiling countenance of God. Thus our congenial souls were mingling together, with the rest of our dear brethren who were standing round in the praise of their God and our God. Surely heaven smiled at this hour; and we doubt not that if the curtain had been drawn aside we should have beheld a multitude of the heavenly Host praising God and saying, Glory, honor, praise and power be unto God and the lamb forever, whose loving spirit inspires such reciprocal love in the souls of men [Rev 15.13].

We wish to ascribe all Glory to God for every blessing received, but yet we cannot but acknowledge the entire satisfaction we took in seeing the prudent measures taken by the president of the meeting for the furtherance of the work, as also the active part which all the preachers, travelling and local, as well as private members male & female, took, in endeavouring to promote the best of all causes, by exhorting of, and praying with those that were distressed, and groaning for Redemption.

The number brought into liberty during the last 24 hours were 21 Justified, 18 Backsliders reclaimed and 12 Sanctified. The sum total 30 Justified, 28 Backsliders reclaimed, and and 39 Sanctified. 97 in all. To conclude, the hour came that we must part but even after we had been about 3 days and nights upon the ground, and had taken very little sleep and rest, yet there seemed to be an unwillingness in the minds of some to leave the spot. And even after we started, we cast a longing lingering look behind, feeling a regret at evacuating the place where God had so recently blessed us, and given us such a Signal Victory over our Enemies.

We have mentioned the number, as near as we could ascertain, which were delivered from bondage, but we would not wish to insinuate that to be the precise number, for we doubt not but there were many more; but so many came forward and openly declared what God had done for them. In addition to this all those who were before steadfast in the faith, with whom we conversed, professed to have their souls much quickened and comforted beside the many who were awakened, but did not get delivered, whom we hope will yet bring forth the fruits of righteousness.

Finally, we have every reason to praise God for the introduction of Camp Meeting among us, as we have proved it to be a powerful means of awakening and converting souls. O that this blessed work may be carried on till the ends of the Earth shall see the Salvation of our God, and his Knowledge cover the Earth as the waters cover the great deep [Ps 98.3]. Let all that love God say Amen. Amen.

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Primary Sources

Abel Stevens Life and Times of Nathan Bangs Stevens and Bangs on the final morning of the camp-meeting



instruments of this work: Primarily Methodist itinerants but also, as Bangs indicates, local preachers, exhorters, class leaders, and anyone else involved in the work of proselytizing for the faith.


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