The Journals & Notebook of
 Nathan Bangs 1805-1806, 1817


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Little Nation (or la Petite Nation) originally denoted a settlement of Algonquin natives on the north-shore of the Ottawa River (north of Cornwall at the eastern-end of the Oswegatchie circuit).


Fryday 7 [March 1806]

I have lately received some letters from my relations in the States which were refreshing to my soul. My brother John and his wife have found religion, and by my [their?] letters religion flourisheth in those parts. There appears indeed a general move among the People. May God speed his work. On this Circuit [Oswegatchie] there is a growing prospect. At a place called the little Nation there is almost an continual alarm among the People. It[s] member[s] profess to have found the peace of God which passeth Knowledge [Phil 4.7]. For my own part I am striving to move along in the path [of] Virtue. If I was to say I did not meet with pleasant seasons I should betray the truth and yet I am jealous of my own heart fearing lest one sound of my present enjoyment would arise from the creature. We are in a w[orld] where we are continually surrounded with external objects which [ms. torn] Religion from the soul. I confess with shame that I have not been sufficiently guarded against it. I see another growing evil also in some to whom is committed the Oracles of God (Viz) a Worldly spirit, A thirst for gain and applause; but I thank God who has kept me from as unhallowed a principal or desire. And may I be kept pure from the base desire[s] through Jesus Christ. I have in public and private borne a testimony against this spirit for which I suppose I have gained the ill will of some, but let it please or offend[,] I hope by the grace of God to be faithful trusting in him who will open his truth, for sinners. O Lord do thou help me through all dangers for Christ's Sake Amen.

1 March 1806


17 March 1806

Primary Sources

David Smyth "Map of the Province of Upper Canada 1813" Detail showing the eastern portion of the Oswegatchie circuit and the Ottawa River



alarm: An awareness of one's need for God's grace and conversion.


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