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Pass/Fail Legislation

 Notes: Approved by Senate: 1998; Amended by Senate: 2011/02/17.

Approval Authority: Senate  

Signature: "Harriet Lewis"


Students in good standing who have completed a minimum of 24 credits towards an undergraduate degree program may elect to take up to 6 credits on an ungraded basis toward a Bachelors degree (90 credits) or 12 credits toward an Honours Bachelors degree (120 credits). The Pass/Fail grading option cannot be chosen by a student for the following: 

  • major or minor courses (including for- credit practica)
  • outside-the-major required courses[1]
  • courses taken to satisfy General Education or Certificate requirements
  • required 1000-level science courses for students in the Faculties of Science & Engineering and Health

Students must confirm their eligibility to complete a course on an ungraded basis. Completed Pass/Fail Application Forms must be submitted to the relevant office within the first two weeks of class. Students who elect to complete a course on an ungraded basis may not revert to taking the course on a graded basis after the last date to drop a course without academic penalty. 


The Pass / Fail grading option does not apply for the following:

  • graduate degrees or diplomas
  • BEd and BEd (Technological Education) degrees
  • LLB/JD degree
  • BBA and iBBA degrees
  • Exchange courses taken at another institution

[1] It is the responsibility of students to be informed of and meet their degree program requirements.