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York University Traffic & Parking Regulations


Description:   Regulations established to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of University business and to provide parking services in support of this function within the limits of available designated parking space.

Notes:  York University Parking and Traffic Regulations are authorized by the Board of Governors and the President of the University within the powers granted by the York University Act 1965 of the Province of Ontario and the Ontario Fire Marshal's Act 1981.

Approved by the President. September 17, 2004; affirmed by the Board Finance and Staff Resources Committee, September 21, 2004 and the Board of Governors, October 1, 2004. Updated, November 5, 2012.

Approval Authority:    President

Signature:      Mamdouh Shoukri

I.              APPLICABILITY

All persons using University parking facilities are subject to the parameters set out in the applicable University Policies and Procedures, the Student Code of Conduct and the Regulations detailed herein.
II.             POLICY
York University Parking and Traffic Regulations (posted here)
III.            AUTHORITY
Pursuant to this Policy, the Vice-President Finance and Administration shall establish offices, services, procedures, and other measures to implement and enforce these Regulations.