The Red Dragon: China 1949 - 1990

Stephen L. Endicott

This forty-eight page, large-format book is part of a series called "Frontline on the Global Village" edited by John Fielding for use in Ontario secondary school courses.  The publisher is Ronald P. Frye & Co., North Kanata Postal Stn, P.O. Box 72144, Kanata, ON., K2K 2P4, Canada. Tel: (613) 592-6226.  Fax: (613) 592-9315.  ISBN 0 919741 614. The series is designed for an inquiry approach to learning.  The book is richly illustrated with photographs, maps, cartoons, graphs, tables, chronologies, and extracts of important documents or commentaries by well-known public figures and scholars of China.   It is an ideal source for group or class study of revolution and counter-revolution in modern China.



Introduction    2
Note on the spelling of Chinese names   2
Timeline 1949-1990    3
Tiananmen Square 1989   4
The aftermath of Tiananmen Square   6
Last days of Republican China 1949   8
Liberation   10
Agrarian revolution: land reform   12
The second billion: China's population   14
Mao Zedong (1893-1976): strategist of revolution   16
Sino-Soviet relations   18
Ideological differences unfold   20
The Great Leap Forward--and back   22
People's Communes: a new stage   25
The Cultural Revolution   26
My experience as a Red Guard   28
Reform of education    30
Reforming the revolution   32
Economic reform   34
Democracy Wall   36
State and society in China   38
Women in China   40
Hong Kong: British colony in China--and after  42
China as a developing country   44
Questions   46
Glossary   47
Select Bibliography  48