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Financial Document Tracker

The Financial Document Tracker is a York internal tracking system that displays the hardcopy paper supporting documentation that you send to Student Financial Services in support of your financial aid applications. These could be any of the following:

  • full-time OSAP application;
  • part-time Loan application;
  • Ontario Tuition Grant only application.

These are some examples of the type of OSAP supporting documents that students submit and are displayed: permanent resident status forms, marriage certificates, appeal letters, income changes, course load changes, copies income tax forms, citizenship papers, etc.

The tracker lets you know that we have received your documentation and how long it takes to process. Keep checking back regularly as information is generally posted within two to three weeks from the day it is received. You should also check your application status on the OSAP website to ensure you have submitted all necessary paperwork.

If you have scanned some of your supporting documents on the OSAP Portal when completing your online application, do not send in duplicate paper copies of documentation as this will cause a delay in processing.

OSAP consent/signature forms are not tracked on the Financial Document Tracker. You can check the status of these consent forms on your online OSAP application through the "Log In to Check Status" function. Once these forms are processed, they will no longer show as required. It will take about six weeks to process from the time you submit them to our office.

In some cases, the consent forms may be processed, but there may be other supporting documents that the government has asked you to send in  – these will take about eight to 10 weeks to review and process from the time we receive them.

This tracker is also used to display government student loan documents and grant cheques for out-of-province students and for US students when they are received from those authorities.

For more specific and helpful information, please click on the relevant link below.

  • Important Notes
  • Out-of-Province Students

    If your provincial government mails your student loans and grant cheques to York University for distribution, this tracker will show you when they are received, and give you further instructions of where and how you can pick them up.

    If your province mails the funds directly to you, take them to Student Client Services in the Bennett Centre for Student Services, to confirm your registration status and authorize your funds.

    Documents arrive when your financial aid application is completed by your government, so if not available at this time, please keep checking regularly.

  • US Government and Private Loans

    We will begin releasing loans to US students once classes begin. York receives the loans from the US government and agencies on an on-going basis when your application is completed. With your approval, funds will be posted to your Student Account, and if there is a credit balance, you will receive a cheque in the mail within five to 10 business days.

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