A scholarly work is one that employs theoretical and methodological approaches that have been agreed upon by scholars within a particular field or discipline. The most common evidence of such an approach is that the work has been peer-reviewed; that is, a group of scholars in the field have read, commented upon, and recommended publication of the work. Other indicators are that the authors are associated with academic institutions, and that the publication in which the article appears is intended to inform scholars in a field rather than to entertain the general public.


Exploring Your Interests

Having an interest in your topic can make the research and writing process much more rewarding.


Has anything in the course stimulated your interest?


Can you tie any of your personal interests to course issues, topics, or approaches for development?


Is there a particular angle or approach to an issue you would like to explore?

Interest is the basis of most scholarly work. Scholars study, read and write about topics that interest them. Interest is always a good starting point.