Library Catalogue


A searchable listing of all resources (books, journals, etc.) found in a library or group of libraries.

Periodical Databases


A searchable listing of all journal articles published in particular fields. Use these databases to find citations to articles on a specific topic.


There are periodical databases (sometimes called article databases or periodical indexes) for every discipline (e.g., PsycINFO for Psychology. See full list on the Library homepage under Articles and Databases).


These are essential tools for identifying what authors worldwide have written on a specific subject. Databases often provide links to electronic versions of articles identified in the search process.


Citation Management Software

Preparing a bibliography is a complicated, time-consuming task, but

citation management tools have been developed to simplify this

process. A citation manager allows you to store citations from

library catalogues and periodical databases as you find them and

then to format and print your final bibliography in the style guide of your choice.


One tool you can use is Zotero. Zotero is a free, web-based citation manager that enables you to store full-text PDFs, images, audio or video files, web page snapshots, bibliographic references, and more. It also facilitates collaboration with others on group projects.


You will find an online demo of Zotero on the following screen.


Mendeley is another free tool that enables you to manage citations and PDFs. Plugins for Word or OpenOffice allow you to create citations and bibliographies as you write your papers. Mendeley users can connect with other researchers, and can join groups that focus on research areas of interest.